In-Home ABA Therapy

Children’s Autism Center provides ABA therapy in the home setting in conjunction with our center based services, or as a stand-alone service. We’re excited to serve families in the following locations: Round Rock (and surrounding area), North Austin, Central Austin, and South Austin. We look forward to the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with your family!

In Home ABA Therapy:

All in-home programs are flexible extensions of the high quality, evidence-based ABA programs conducted in our centers. ¬†We know children learn best when they’re in a safe, supportive, FUN, learning environment. Working in the home, our therapists and behavior analysts expertly re-create the same fun learning environment of our centers in the comfort of the child’s home. In home therapy offers flexibility for families looking for services that may be outside of our service range in North Austin and Round Rock. We are happy to fulfill an ABA therapy need in South Austin and the surrounding areas.

CAC’s in-home ABA therapy services include:

  • Individualized treatment plans targeting developmental skills such as: language and communication, play skills, daily living skills, and learning skills
  • Program implementation in a fun, engaging manner, incorporating play activities and exploration
  • High quality supervision of therapists by our experienced analysts. The supervision and training of all CAC staff is unparalleled!
  • Fully supportive experience to include parent training conducted in the home, or remotely, guided by caregivers input
  • Planned parent involvement can be incorporated into the therapy sessions in a seamless manner, allowing parents to better understand the therapy process and see learning leaps LIVE, as they occur
  • Opportunities for sibling involvement, enhancing sibling relationships and supporting all members of the family
  • Time savings is a natural reward for families in in-home therapy programs, eliminating the need to drive to therapy, transition from home, to car, to center, and back.
  • Combined in-home and center based services give the child the best of both worlds, offering the comfort and convenience of a well-run in-home program, while also benefiting from the social interactions and engagement in a school-like environment the center serves

For more information on our in-home therapy programs: call us at 512-733-2800, or email: